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Abundance and Empowerment

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It is time for you to breakthrough, shift your life, and follow your dreams.

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It is our mission to help you build your confidence, grow your productivity, and increase your finances so you can lead and live a desirable life. We help women experience daily wins so they can build businesses and create freedom.  

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A Woman's Guide to a Desirable Life

The Successful Day

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The Jumpstart Program

How to Create Your Business and Build Your Brand

Start Living Great

3 Things to Change to Create a Winning Life

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Lakishia Sheray

Lakishia Sheray is your Abundant and Empowerment Coach. She has served in the coaching field for over 12 years to various groups such as: ministry, education, business, and personal life coaching. Her educational background has given her the drive and determination to build a coaching practice. She has a BA in English Literature (because of course who wouldn't want to), Master of Arts in Teaching, Master of Arts in Administration and Supervision, Coaching Certification through Capp Institute with Valorie Burton, and another Coaching Certification through Abundant Path Life Coaching.

She is the author of Overcome the Obstacle: Pursue the Dream, The Secrets They Kept: A Novel, Created to Win, and The Successful Day, an eBook.  

Lakishia has a proven track record for overcoming odds, empowering others, and breaking through to live a life she has desired. Her expertise, experiences, and training all work simultaneously with helping other women live a desired life.

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Author, Speaker, Coach, Preacher, Motivator, Action-Taker


Problems with confidence, productivity, and building your finances?

Are You Experiencing...


Does This Sound Like You?

I get it, things can look grim at times. There are things you want to happen; however, you have no strategy, you do not know where to begin, and the people around you simply do not understand. 

  • Do you feel... frustrated because you know what you want but do not know how to get there
  • ​​Does it seem... you have no one your immediate circle who can help you
  • Are you frustrated that... you can't keep up with being consistent even when you do take a step forward
  • And when it comes down to it, do you...  do you just feel like you do not have the energy because of your career. 


Proven Outcomes


"Lakishia has motivated me and walked me through the process of starting something new in my life."

Le'Andra M., VA


" I was enlightened to take action. Lakishia reminded me that I was born to create, multiply, and produce."

Frances B., VA


"I completed Lakishia's program and she has helped me tremendously. It was an amazing experience to open up a new path for my life with a clear direction and plan."

Beth B., VA


All Our Products

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The Successful Day

Learn why and how you were designed to be a machine who produces, not only produce daily, but automatically. You were created to generate systematically. This eBook is your #1 Guide that breaks down your why and how.

In this eBook, you will learn:

  • ​Your creative abilities
  • How to structure each day for success
  • ​Your alignment to be fruitful and multiply without having to do the same thing every day. 
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How to Create Your Business and Build Your Brand

This course will take you step by step with creating your business and building your brand. It will take away the headache, questions, and confusion about what to do next when it comes to creating your business and brand.

Inside this training, you will discover:

  • How to create your business the right way.
  • The inside tips that most people never tell you.
  • ​How to set up your brand and create a consistent flow while freeing up more time.
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Check out this course

3 Things to Change to Create a Winning Life

This course jumpstarts your life to get you moving in the right direction to shift your paradigm and build a steady, momentous life.

Inside, we'll show you:

  •  Proven strategies that you can implement immediately
  • Actionable, daily tasks that will build momentum
  • ​Why a winning life is possible


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